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Women Crystal Wedge Platform Shoes πŸ‘Ÿ NOW 50% OFF πŸ“£ + FREE SHIPPING πŸ“¦

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ThisΒ Wedge Platform ShoesΒ are perfect for the coming autumn!Β 

The newly developed design of this wedge platform shoesΒ ensures a healthy, comfortable, and safe posture while walking and running thanks to the special heel design and the extra developed sole.Β The wedge platform shoes hold you stableΒ and evenly distribute pressureΒ by perfectly balancing your feet while you wear them to help you re-position your bones.Β In addition,Β theseΒ shoes look elegant and do not have the look of typical orthopedic shoes!Β Finally, be healthy and stylish on the way!Β 

After only a few weeks, the positive changes in your everyday life and when walking will be noticeable - then you can not and do not want to be on the road without theΒ Comfyβ„’!


  • Stable hold:Β Β Stable hold and comfortable fit despite the heel

  • Even pressure distribution:Β Β The bow design of this wedge platform shoes ensures that your weight is evenly distributed on the toes, arch, and ball at all times

  • Almighty: You can wear it at work or at more elegant occasions such as weddings or birthday parties!

  • Elegant and modern design
  • Breathable upper material

  • PostureΒ correction:Β Β Straighten your hips, correct your leg position, and avoid muscle or muscle pain by automatically adjusting the posture of your feet

  • Pain relief:Β Β NobodyΒ painΒ (back, pelvic, hip pain, etc.) when running through an extra softly steamed sole


Wedge Platform ShoesΒ Sizing:

Size Note:Β 

  • Please check your feet length to select the right size (please notice that our size might smaller than the standard size due to thick fur lining).
  • If your feet are wide, we suggest you chooseΒ half or 1 size larger.